Advice for Flying with a Toddler: A Fellow Father's Perspective


Traveling with a toddler can be a daunting experience, especially when it comes to flying. As a fellow father who has faced the challenges of flying with a little one, I understand the apprehension and stress that can come with it. However, with careful planning and a few useful tips, you can make your next flight with your toddler an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

1. Book a Direct Flight

When possible, opt for a direct flight to minimize travel time and avoid the hassle of layovers. This will help reduce the chances of your toddler becoming restless or agitated during long waits at airports.

2. Pack Essential Items

  • Bring extra diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes for your toddler. Accidents happen, and having these essentials readily available will save you from any unnecessary stress.
  • Carry your toddler's favorite snacks, drinks, and small toys to keep them entertained throughout the flight. Familiar items can provide a sense of comfort and help distract them during the journey.
  • Don't forget to pack any necessary medications, pacifiers, or comfort items that your toddler relies on for sleep or relaxation.

3. Choose the Right Seating

Consider booking seats in advance that provide additional legroom or are close to the aisle. This will give you more space to maneuver and make it easier to access your carry-on items during the flight.

4. Time Flights Strategically

Plan your flights around your toddler's sleep schedule. If possible, try to schedule flights during naptime or bedtime. This will increase the chances of your little one sleeping through a significant portion of the journey, making it smoother for both of you.

5. Stay Calm and Positive

Children can pick up on their parent's emotions, so it's essential to stay calm and positive throughout the entire flying experience. If you appear relaxed, your toddler is more likely to feel at ease as well. Take deep breaths, engage in soothing activities, and use a reassuring tone to communicate with your child.

6. Engage with Your Toddler

Use the flight as an opportunity to engage with your little one. Play interactive games, read books, or watch child-friendly movies together. This will not only keep them entertained but also strengthen your bond during the journey.

7. Be Considerate of Other Passengers

Remember that your toddler's behavior might not always be within your control. If your child becomes fussy or cries during the flight, apologize to nearby passengers and reassure them that you are doing your best to calm your toddler. Most passengers will understand and offer support.


Flying with a toddler doesn't have to be a dreaded experience. By following these tips and approaching the journey with a positive attitude, you can create a pleasant and memorable adventure for both you and your little one. Embrace the opportunity to explore new places together and cherish the joy of traveling as a family.