Kid Friendly Summer Projects

Kid Friendly Summer Projects

Need some kid friendly projects to work on this summer?  Here is a short list of projects that may help generate ideas.

Chalkboard Table


Give any small table a fresh new look—and a second life—with a coat of chalkboard paint. Simply apply a coat with a brush or spray can, gather some chalk, and let the nonstop creativity ensue. Bring the fun indoors by painting a bedroom wall with the same paint. 

Here is a link to some paint?

Plant a Garden


Bonding outside doesn't necessarily mean throwing a ball around or riding bikes. Planting a garden requires a lot of time and effort, and it can take up an entire weekend, if necessary. Gardening is also a great planning experience, since you have to decide which fruits, veggies, herbs and flowers you want to grow in your yard. In addition to the importance of simply bonding, gardening with children offers many other benefits, including promoting cooperative learning, developing responsibility through keeping the garden alive, encouraging healthy eating, learning about the environment and boosting self-esteem with a job well done.

Tire Swing


Provided you have a tall tree, you can turn your backyard into an amusement park with relatively little effort. Gather together some simple hardware, a rope or chain, and a tire that needs recycling. 

Make the swing even more fun by painting colorful polka dots on the tire.

Bedroom Renovation


This job starts with emptying (everything, including furniture), moves into cleaning (even baseboards), then adds a fresh coat of paint. Next is sorting between “trash” “donate” and “keep”. Finally, the room is put back together and it is a room your child has ownership in.


Build a birdhouse or birdfeeder

Want to bring some summer creatures into your yard? You and your kids can build a simple bird house or bird feeder.  A mini construction project can demonstrate the value of planning, concentration and attention to detail in work. Collaborating on it also underscores the importance of teamwork. 

When finished, your kids will enjoy watching the birds and squirrels flock to it.
Want to purchase a kit for these?  Here are kits for a birdhouse and bird feeder.


Have some other ideas?  Share them with us!