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  • Listen to this if you are suffering from neck and back pain

    Sneaking naps in conference rooms?

    That’s how drained you get when you are suffering from chronic neck or back pain. It sucks the life out of you and negatively impacts your career, your family and everything else.

    This is a must listen for dads who have experienced back pain. @Ethan Chandler made a post on this topic about a year ago and it changed my life.

  • From the dadbod to dadfit - The right way to do a push up

    Our heath and fitness expert @Ethan Chandler from Phoenix Fitness & Martial Arts discusses the proper way to do one of the most common exercises to maximize effectiveness and prevent injury.

    Stay tuned for the hilariously way he demonstrates to NOT do a pushup with the classic head bob...

  • 22 Tips for Dads to Get Back in Shape

    22 Tips for Dads to get back in shape

    Staying in shape when you were younger and childless can feel like a lifetime ago.  Once you have a baby, your personal health tends to get knocked down a peg or two as you have a new number one priority in your life.  Mix that with sleep deprivation, stress, lack of free time, inconsistent schedules, always running late, caffeine, skipped breakfasts, quick and easy dinners…and you will likely not recognize the shape of the person in the mirror.  Getting back to your thinner and healthier weight may seems like a lost cause but with a few changes, you may be able to get into a routine that is relatively sustainable.  We have compiled a list of tips from sources around the web that should allow you to take the first steps to getting back on the right track.