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  • Listen to this if you are suffering from neck and back pain

    Sneaking naps in conference rooms?

    That’s how drained you get when you are suffering from chronic neck or back pain. It sucks the life out of you and negatively impacts your career, your family and everything else.

    This is a must listen for dads who have experienced back pain. @Ethan Chandler made a post on this topic about a year ago and it changed my life.

  • Product Review: The London Sock Co

    Check out our latest product review of The London Sock Co!

  • From the dadbod to dadfit - The right way to do a push up

    Our heath and fitness expert @Ethan Chandler from Phoenix Fitness & Martial Arts discusses the proper way to do one of the most common exercises to maximize effectiveness and prevent injury.

    Stay tuned for the hilariously way he demonstrates to NOT do a pushup with the classic head bob...

  • Product Review: Butcher Box

    The Dad Corp reviews Butcher Box’s website, ordering process, and actual delivery of their 100% Grass Fed meat delivery subscription service that promises great quality, convenience, and value. Watch and see what we found. Share and like if you enjoyed.

    Want to check them out?  Here is the link:

  • The “North Star” skill that is missing from every parenting book…

    I've read years of expert content on parenting since we had our child. Unfortunately, most articles all say the same thing over and over.
    Their advice is not enough…
    There is one key skill missing …
    It is a big one …
    This one key skill can inspire, unlock the path, and provide a North Star for any goal, no matter the size. If your child doesn’t have it, all the other skills will be limited.
    Not convinced? Read on!
  • Classic Health vs. Wealth balance for Dads

    Phoenix Fitness & Martial Arts owner Ethan Chandler discusses the classic wealth vs. health balance that so many of us dads face every day.

    Don't wait until it is too late. Listen in. He has some great advice as a great husband, father of two, fitness and martial arts business owner, former corporate business executive, and overall person.

    His examples and advice are worth tuning into! The Dad Corp gives two thumbs up

  • 10 timeless principles to teach your children

    We have put together a list of 10 timeless principles to teach your children.
  • 4 Things You Learn About Your Life When Your Baby Starts Crawling

    Gone are the days of a stationary baby. My wife and I lit a candle to properly grieve the end of the era when our parenting activities didn’t involve the word “chase.” I was originally so excited to reach this new stage. It’s so awesome to see your child gain new abilities – I feel like I’m witness to a real-life superhero origin story. But now that she’s been crawling for a few days, it’s really started to sink in what this new stage of babydom means for us as parents.  Yes, the game has changed and here’s what we’ve learn

  • Twin Dads Guide to Diaper Bag Essentials

    A well stocked bag can make or break your day. I’m a guy that likes photography, so carrying around a “man bag” is no foreign term to me.  Diaper bags, like camera bags, are rather varied when it comes to size, shape, and weight. Diaper bags, for multiples, are almost always on the larger side than those for solo parents.

  • 5 Everyday Things I Do Differently To Not Wake The Baby

    My current getting-ready-for-bed routine is something I never expected. But before I get there, I think it’s important to understand that, until you’re trying to be completely silent, you have no idea how much noise is created by everyday activities. Here are things that make way more noise than I ever realized.
  • Is There Anything Worse Than Teething?

    Ask any parent what one of the worst things they had to endure during the first three years of life with children and the vast majority would say the teething process.

    It’s awful.

    It’s relentless.

    And it’s downright evil.

    In fact, rumor has it, when parents say to their children, “you’ll get yours when you have kids of your own,” they in fact meant dealing with a teething child.

  • 6 small ways fatherhood stole my dignity

    When I used to imagine my life as a parent, I had all these fantasies of claiming my throne as the alpha male of my household. I was to be the king of the castle. But, as it turns out, the title of “king” brings with no real authority. Nope, the alpha in our household is a 14-month-old little girl. She’s ruling our lives in ways we’re just now figuring out. 

    As I’m reflecting on the past year and a half, I’m noticing little bits of my dignity that she’s stripped from me one piece at a time. Below, here are the ways I became a dad at my dignity’s expense.