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  • Read this Before You Move Closer to Your Family

    Moving closer to family is one of the most popular reasons for relocating these days. With the increase in remote work, you and your loved ones may have more options for staying connected.

    There are many factors involved in the decision, including money matters.

    Whatever your motivation, where you live will have a big impact on your relationships and quality of life. Read this checklist before you change your address.

  • Can Your Kids Get Burned Out?

    When you think of someone who is burned out, you might picture an overworked business executive or an athlete training too hard for the Olympics. The truth is that anyone can become overwhelmed at any age. Kids experience burnout too.

    Sure, they don’t usually have mortgages and jobs. However, they do have internal and external pressures of their own. School, friendships, and other challenges of growing up can be a lot to deal with.

    As a parent, you can help. Try these tips for raising children who will thrive.

  • A Parent’s Guide to Calming Your Kids Without a Screen

    Pulling out a tablet is often the easiest thing to do when your child starts to fuss. However, there are alternatives that are safer and more effective in the long run.

  • A Parent’s Guide to Helping Your Child Read While at Home

    Many children struggle with reading, especially when they’re at home and teachers are far away. In fact, even before the recent pandemic, 65% of America’s fourth graders weren’t reading at a proficient level, according to The Literacy Project Foundation.

    Reading is important because reading is fundamental to academic and career success. Books can also add more joy and meaning to life.

  • The Stepfamily Guide for Adjusting to Change

    The Stepfamily Guide for Adjusting to Change   Stepfamilies face many unique challenges, but usually succeed at adapting to their new roles. It tak...
  • How to Help Your Child Deal With a Bully

    Twenty-five to 35% of children from age 12-18 report being bullied at some point. That’s a lot of kids. If your child happens to be one of them, it can be quite concerning as a parent. Not only does it potentially make a child’s experience at school miserable, bullying is also a cause of eating disorders, drug abuse, and even suicides.

  • A Parent’s Guide to Motivating Your Teen

    Remember when your kids were little, and they were happy to do just about anything for a sticker or a kind word? Now they’re older, and you have to try harder to motivate them.

  • How to be a Great Male Role Model

    Throughout your life, you’ve probably looked up to at least a few men you’ve known. Maybe your father had a calm, gentle nature when you both went out fishing. Maybe your 10th grade history teacher made being intelligent look really cool. Whoever they are, the men in your life matter!

  • Is Helicopter Parenting Hurting Your Family?

    Did you know that helicopter parenting can hurt your entire family? Rather than protecting your children, this intrusive behavior can limit your child’s growth and independence while damaging your relationship with other family members. 

  • Preparing Your Child to Stay Home Alone

    Staying home alone is a milestone in a child’s development that rewards their growing sense of responsibility and helps them build confidence. These are some signs a parent can look for to determine if your child is ready to take care of themselves for short time periods along with steps for getting your child and house ready.

  • The Secret to Staying Calm with Your Child

    Staying calm protects your relationship with your child and helps you to deal with challenging situations. Still, it can be difficult to keep your cool around the clock. That’s especially true when you face additional pressures such as school closings and job loss.