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  • How to Deal With Stress in Your Teenager

    With hormones and developing brains, teenagers often feel an intense amount of stress. As parents and guardians, it's always worth taking a few minutes to consider how your teenager may be suffering from stress and work out some simple, positive ways to help them cope and thrive!

    Consider these top tips on how to deal with stress in your teenagers.

  • A Positive Approach to Teaching Your Children Good Manners

    Good manners are hard to teach. Children don't automatically learn them. And too often, parents attempt to teach good manners by punishing their children when they don't comply with directions or expectations. Some parents even go as far as to ignore their children.

    What can parents do to ensure that they teach good manners to their children? Here are a few steps to take.

  • 7 Ways for Busy Parents to Manage Stress

    Have you ever felt like you’re being pulled in all directions? Your child (or children) wants one thing, your partner expects another, and maybe we shouldn’t even get started thinking about other responsibilities like taking care of the house or work.

    Raising your family is great for your heart, but sometimes the demands of parenthood are so strong the stress can feel overwhelming.

    If you feel tired and frustrated of the balancing act at the end of the day, take a deep breath and know that there is help! Consider these ways to manage stress in a chaotic.

  • Top 5 Traits of Highly Communicative Parents

    Communication in any relationship is important, and sometimes easily overlooked. Because our children learn from us, the way we communicate to and around them is especially important. Practicing good communication creates a deeper bond within the parent-child relationship, grows your child’s self-esteem, and models healthy communication practices to your child. 

    Do you want to improve the way you communicate with your child? Here are the best practices of highly communicative parents.

  • 13 Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Interests

    Giving parents and children additional time to spend together has been one of the few bright sides to the pandemic. If your family was home for most of the past two years, you’re probably more familiar with your child’s interests.

    Whatever stage your child is at, encouraging their interests can enhance their future and deepen your relationship.

    Try these suggestions for helping your child to figure out what they enjoy doing and what they excel at.

  • A Parent’s Guide for Stopping Your Toddler From Hitting

    Toddlers look so cute, but they can have a dark side. Aggressive behavior like hitting and biting is natural at this age and a concern for many parents.

    Positive reinforcement and close supervision can help keep the peace and speed up the learning process. Try these strategies for dealing with aggression in young children.

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  • Read this Before You Move Closer to Your Family

    Moving closer to family is one of the most popular reasons for relocating these days. With the increase in remote work, you and your loved ones may have more options for staying connected.

    There are many factors involved in the decision, including money matters.

    Whatever your motivation, where you live will have a big impact on your relationships and quality of life. Read this checklist before you change your address.

  • Can Your Kids Get Burned Out?

    When you think of someone who is burned out, you might picture an overworked business executive or an athlete training too hard for the Olympics. The truth is that anyone can become overwhelmed at any age. Kids experience burnout too.

    Sure, they don’t usually have mortgages and jobs. However, they do have internal and external pressures of their own. School, friendships, and other challenges of growing up can be a lot to deal with.

    As a parent, you can help. Try these tips for raising children who will thrive.

  • A Parent’s Guide to Calming Your Kids Without a Screen

    Pulling out a tablet is often the easiest thing to do when your child starts to fuss. However, there are alternatives that are safer and more effective in the long run.

  • A Parent’s Guide to Helping Your Child Read While at Home

    Many children struggle with reading, especially when they’re at home and teachers are far away. In fact, even before the recent pandemic, 65% of America’s fourth graders weren’t reading at a proficient level, according to The Literacy Project Foundation.

    Reading is important because reading is fundamental to academic and career success. Books can also add more joy and meaning to life.

  • The Stepfamily Guide for Adjusting to Change

    The Stepfamily Guide for Adjusting to Change   Stepfamilies face many unique challenges, but usually succeed at adapting to their new roles. It tak...