Our Story

Thank you for visiting The Dad Corp. and supporting our singular mission to elevate Dads and give them the recognition they deserve. 

We know that you are very busy.  We’re dads too!  There are three beautiful girls out there that were the motivation behind the creation of The Dad Corp.

We don’t take your time for granted.  We want to make your interactions with our company great. Our hope is that you walk away feeling proud of the hero that you are!

The Dad Corp was founded by two childhood buddies from a small town that grew up together, went to high school together, college together, the care free 20s together, and are now on the dad adventure at the same time.  It is an epic experience that we’ve embraced from day one. 

Becoming a dad is like taking the blue pill in the Matrix. There is no going back. Your life, priorities, goals, aspirations, and who you identify as all make fundamental changes that cannot be avoided when you begin this journey. Sharing that journey with other dads who understand makes a world of difference.

Dads are best friends, role models, coaches, mentors, husbands and friends. We believe there are no substitutes for an engaged dad.  We also believe there is not enough recognition and support for dads in this world.  Dads help future generations believe in themselves and achieve their dreams which make the world a better place.  A father’s silent sacrifices are the most powerful forms of love and they deserve to be thanked and celebrated more.

That is what The Dad Corp is here to do! 

Welcome to the team. We look forward to seeing you on this incredible adventure. 

"Every father should remember that one day his children will follow his example, not his advice."